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Two Decades of Magic; My Gratitude and lessons Learned.

My passion for magic wasn't something I was born with. Back in my college football days at Marshall University, as a poor college kid who needed money, I worked as a bouncer. This led me to stepping behind the bar. It was during a memorable trip to Miami Beach that I fell head over heels for Flair bartending - the art of juggling bottles and dazzling the crowd. I dedicated countless hours to mastering bottle juggling, flips, and defying gravity, showcasing my exceptional skills in Huntington, WV. Most of this drive and determination came from the people telling me it was a waste of time.

What started as a quest for attention and entertainment, turned into a lifelong journey when in Columbus, Ohio, I witnessed a busker performing magic outside Easton shopping center. Inspired, I knew I had to incorporate some of those tricks into my bartending act. Little did I know, this was the entry point to a world of magic.

I delved into the secrets of magic through books, videos, and countless trials and errors within the bar's dimly lit space. The bar was my training ground, the place where a failed trick often drew more cheers than a perfect one. My initial forays into performing magic outside the bar were far from spectacular - I can recall moments when I was tempted to give it all up. But the irresistible pull of entertaining others, combined with my love for the bar business, kept me going.

My journey as a student athlete, juggling a bartending gig, and learning the art of magic was undoubtedly challenging, yet it stands out as one of the most exhilarating chapters of my life. This period was a learning curve like no other, and I couldn't be more grateful for the experiences it brought."

Today, at the age of 42, as a father of two amazing teenage daughters, a Middle School Counselor, and a small business owner, I can't help but feel deeply appreciative of the lessons I learned during my days in the bar. The knack for quick-witted responses and the ability to think several steps ahead are attributes I gained from those experiences. It's these very qualities that give my magic performances a unique charm. While my shows may not be meticulously choreographed or highly structured, they will always reflect authenticity, spontaneity, and, above all, a genuine desire to entertain.

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